Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wow, THANKS!!!

So, I go through the drive through, get my food, and then check my bags. I am ALWAYS missing at least one if not 4 things. So, I check the bags and sure enough this time, there were 4 things missing. SO FRUSTRATING!

We learned the hard way to check our bags because this started happening multiple times and we would get home and sure enough it usually would be like the one thing I ordered, wouldn't be in the bag.

I tell the attendant, "Oh You forgot these four things." She apologizes, goes back in and gets them. She also hands me a *bonus* drink with a look of "I'm sorry, will this make it better??" So I nicely thank her, thinking, "Cool, she gave me a free sprite or something. How nice."

So on the way home I reach for the drink, take a big gulp.

WATER. Water???

Thank goodness for a free water to make it all better!


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