Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Paint party

The long weekend was perfect to start moving in and painting the rooms that needed to be painted. Several of the walls are really dark so we had to prime them first, which takes forever!!! But we are pleased with the changes so far.

We slept over there on a blow up swimming pool float. It was hilarious. It is the big kind, but the first night we couldn't get it blown up all the way so it was very uncomfortable. The next night was much better since the battery compressor thing worked. We have been taking a car load over every time we go so slowly our stuff is trickling over. Its very exciting and we are loving our new home!

Here's the rooms that are totally finished:

The dungeon has become a beautiful office...now i just have to get some stuff in there :)



And the laundry room is now a soft yellow. Love it!


Much more to do so gotta run. My posts may be slim until we officially move because we are going back and forth and there is no internet at the new house yet. I will try to keep you posted though! We are shooting for Saturday to be our "big move" date, so I'm working hard. I have a lot of painting to do still.

Thank you to my brother for graciously helping us with the office and bringing us some yummy Lupe Tortilla :) !! We had some fun times!


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