Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Busy Little Bees

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a few days...being that we are moving, my life is pretty much consisting of eating, sleeping, feeding children, packing and trying to do some exercise and fun stuff with the kids here and there :) I've also been preparing for big shower this weekend for my brother and his soon-to-be-Mrs. as well as BJ's best friend, Jared gets married this weekend!

Preslyn started saying DaDa last Friday. I was so bummed, as she was the last child that I had a chance with of saying MaMa first :( Oh well, it was very cute though. She and Ella have both been standing up and pulling up on everything. They are everywhere all of the sudden. Today Preslyn was sitting in her crib waiting for me this morning, so they are on the move and learning new things daily. They have also been eating up a storm. They are up to two meals per day now plus their 5 bottles. They are doing really well with the spoon. Ella's new favorite is "Oswald". Its so cute. Oswald is an octopus and the show has lots of fun colors and sounds/music. I think the show came out in 2001 but we have been seeing the reruns on Noggin. She absolutely loves it. She will watch with mouth open the whole time. It is a great distractor for them while I make dinner or bottles or whatever.

We've been recording the Olympics every day and watching the thing we like. Let's hear it for Michael Phelps!!! WHOOHOOO!!! Wow, he is amazing! And the mens relay team has been awesome as well. We love swimming and have watched some gymnastics as well. Other faves are soccer, track, softball and syncronized swimming (haven't seen that yet).

So Hayden is a little confused about the whole moving thing. Every day she asks if we are going to the "orange house" ToDAY?????? I tell her not until we get everything packed up into the she will get motivated and ask to she packed 7 books and was done. At her pace we won't be moved until she graduates college. We've been deciding on paint colors for some of the rooms that we want to change...I'll show you some more of the house....

Here is the living room

the breakfast nook

the kitchen

the view to the backyard

the covered patio

the laundry room

THE POOL!!! Yeah baby!!!

Preslyn & Ella's room (will be light aqua)

Hayden's room (this will be a light green)

The playroom

the girls bathroom (with purple walls just like hayden asked for)

our bedroom

the dining room

the office

definitely painting this room...its like a dungeon!

So, these are all pics of the previous owners stuff, we haven't moved in yet, in case you are confused. We are really excited and can't wait to make it our own!


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