Monday, July 14, 2008

July Already???

Ok, where has this year gone?? I can't believe its already July! There is so much going on this year it seems. The time is just flying by. I'm already thinking towards my three girls birthdays. Being that they are exactly one month apart, I feel is going to make for some interesting party planning in the years to come. And for those who have wondered if we will just combine them. Nope. Pres and El already have to share, so I'm not going to throw Hayden in there too. Plus, its each of their own special days. So until otherwise, we will have separate birthdays :) what's been going on with us....well, we had our fun 4th of July partay. Did some fireworks...Hayden got some gravel in her eye and came in screaming her guts out. Very eventful. Even better, literally 30 minutes before that, Preslyn grabbed a glass candle and accidentally broke it and sliced two fingers open. It took a little while for the bleeding to stop and I was so freaked out. She on the other hand, NEVER MADE A PEEP! It was kind of freakish! My poor babes, had so many IV's that nothing phases them now. :( Anyway, it was fun overall. I was just convinced we would end up in the ER by nights end, but we didn't. Wahoo!

Other things....oh yes, I had a yard sale...cleaned out my house and am now transforming my office into a playroom. Super fun. Since the economy is in the gutter momentarily (we hope) we are going to hold off on the ole builder-oo until the cost of everything isn't double what it normally is. We don't need a new house THAT bad. I mean we DO, but well, you know what I mean. I haven't reached celebrity pay status yet, so we'll have to hold off just a little while longer. We did meet with our builder though and LOVED him. He is going to be a perfect fit for our lifestyle and what we want. PLUS he's a Christian and has wonderful values for his business. How could you ask for anything better!?? So we are really excited, just waiting for the timing still.

Lots of fun things happening with our pals these days. My friend Holly had a sweet baby boy Ethan, my BIL got engaged, my grandparents moved WAAAAYYY closer to all of us, my pals Jamie and Billy are preggers as are my pals Lindsey and Brian, and my pals Aaron and Rachel got engaged! Wow!! Good thing for all those wonderful things, since one BIG TIME bummer is that my pal Jordan moved away. :( :( Big time stink. We can't wait for her to come back.

My brother is getting married in 2 months so BJ and I have been working out like crazy and eating really healthy. No fries please :) We are doing this workout called PX90 by insane. We are literally dead on the ground after every single workout. But we are getting results and that is always wonderful and makes you keep going! Did I mention that MY BROTHER IS GETTING MARRIED IN TWO MONTHS!!! That is so crazy. My little bro bro...I'm so going to cry, I can just tell ya that right now. Hayden is beyond thrilled to get to fly on an airplane for the first time that she remembers. (she's been to Acapulco but was only 9 or 10 mo. for that one. ) So she talks about it all the time as does she talk about her birthday. Poor thing. I have to tell her literally at least once a week, no its not your birthday yet. She will tell you all the details like it is tomorrow. She is just waiting for the day that she wakes up and we say "Ok, today is your birthday!"

I'll update you on the girlies :

The Hayden-cane is on the that girl keeps me on my toes. She is starting to learn how to be really funny. And she loves when she genuinely makes you laugh. Then she will repeat whatever it was that made you laugh about 10 more times. :) She has suddenly turned to allllllll girly girl. She puts on a dress every morning before she comes out of her room and she wears her little plastic high heals every day ALL day! She watched Hairspray recently and ever since then it has been all dresses every day. And usually she will go through about two or three dresses per day. The other day I came in her room after her naptime and she had 4 dresses layered on her and 1 skirt underneath, then she had a bucket fishing-type hat on and flip flops WHILE SHE WAS ASLEEP, she had all this on! It cracked me up!!! She is growing like CRAZY and getting so stinking tall and Sassy. She has started rolling her eyes now. (not a good thing) We are working on learning how to spell her name right now. Since she is out of school for the summer, I'm trying to keep her learning new things all the time. She is counting to ten in spanish now and still doing well with potty training. She is a big time helper, when she wants to be and is starting to pray some "not so standard" prayers here and there. I love to hear her little heart talk to God. Its so precious! Sometimes she gets really carried away with telling stories and they are like "oh the other day my mom, was walking and then she opened the door... and she will just be cracking up like it is the funniest thing ever." and she will always follow it up with, "oh that was hiyarious." ( I know I'm not really THAT funny ;)

(Ella is laying down)

Ella has started saying Dada and Bubububu...Its adorable. She is crawling much better and has started taking more of an interest in Preslyn. She is still the best sleeper of the bunch. Goes down when she wants to, usually she fusses if you don't take her to her bed fast enough. She is eating her foods and HATES sweet peas. Tonight she literally SPIT them out at me. I was covered in peas. She is in the 18lb range and still only has her two bottom front teeth. She has started holding her bottle if she has to. She loves her butterfly lovie that my cousin Allie gave her. She will crawl to it immediately when she gets in her bed and cuddles it. She still is a two-middle-finger sucker, but our pediatrician says that is ok for now. She had a really rough start in life so it can be attributed to that. Overall, she is a very pleasant child!

Preslyn is also in the 18lb. range. She is getting up on her knees to crawl, but still isn't too coordinated at it. She covers her ground though. She on the other hand is ms. pull-up queen. She started grabbing onto things and trying to pull up but wasn't going anywhere really...until today. This is what I found ......
.....two times! So down went her mattress to the bottom. She is also clapping! She will do it on command sometimes, but gets bored of it. While she claps she tries to say the ca sound. It is adorable. Still two bottom teeth for her, but today she started getting a runny nose so I'm thinking a new tooth is on the way. She has started holding her bottle as well and is getting easier to put to sleep. I have put her in bed a few times lately when she is sleepy but awake and she will jabber a bit and then fall asleep. She has turned into a side sleeper. She is totally not interested in food at all. I have to force her to eat, in which every time I get a "mom this is gross" face. So we are trying to get her to eat more, but its not working too well.

(Ella is on the left)

I can't believe that they are 8 months old. That just blows my mind. Recently I was put in contact with a woman pregnant with twin boys, staying in the same hospital that I was in, same drs...very same situations. Was expected to deliver at 32 weeks, just like us. It was very weird to relive some of those emotions and thoughts that I have tried to put behind me forever. But I was thankful to get to be a help to her. She had lots of questions about the NICU and what to expect and it was so hard to tell her the reality of what to expect. No one can understand the agony that a mother goes through when she has to leave her sick baby at a hospital and go home. It is something that no words of encouragement can make better. You just totally have to lean on the Lord for comfort. Anyway, her babies were born and are doing well. I am so thankful for her though because I prayed all along during my pregnancy that God would send someone someday that I could help somehow through a similar situation, and here she was. She reminded me so much of myself, my nurses said that we even look alike, which is so strange! Anyway, just another testimony of God's faithfulness!

So that's about it...oh and I started making some hair bows :) I was really proud of them! I have 4 now. So I'll be eventually selling them once I get a few more made, so all you ladies with girly girls at home....stay tuned!!!

Well I just wanted to update and remember some things going on lately. After all this is my journal that you are all just peeking into from time to time :)


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