Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bears don't talk...Duh!!

Yesterday during Hayden's "preschool at home" she was painting several masterpieces and I'm just talking to her and suddenly she asks...."Mom, where is Suzy?"

Now, Hayden has several favorite stuffed animals and baby dolls that she has named, but none of them are Suzy. So I asked her, "Who is Suzy?" and she replies, "My bear". Well, let me just tell you about Bear. First of all, up until last year, Hayden had never had any one particular thing that she favored. She didn't do pacifiers, didn't have a favorite blanket or doll and didn't ever suck her thumb or anything. So I figured we were good to go on that one and wouldn't be the people that had just arrived on vacation, and suddenly realized that we had left the "favorite" at home.

So, then I leave to go to the hospital. Da da da dum...
On one of Hayden and BJ's visits they walk in with Hayden holding this new cute little puppy stuffed animal. She has named him Spot Puppy. (his gender has changed a few times, but I am pretty sure the majority of the time he has been a he) Aunt Lexi had given him to her. So "Spot Puppy" became the favorite. I say that he filled a void that was missing in her life (ME) and came at just the right time. We couldn't go anywhere without him and she couldn't sleep unless she had him. Then at Christmas, Aunt Lexi and Uncle Sean gave her a bear. I figured that with all the stuffed animals she had accumulated that really she wouldn't pay any attention to him, and of course with Spot Puppy, there was no replacement. But Hayden opened up her big heart and accepted him as favorite #2. So now, it was always, "where's my Spot Puppy and Bear??" Even worse, now we have TWO things to constantly take with us and keep up with. (THANKS LEX) :) Well for whatever reason, (probably because he is so worn and been washed about 100 times) Spot Puppy has dwindled to just stuffed animal status and bear has taken over top favorite.

ANYWAY, back to the original story, Bear has always been called Bear and has always been a boy. I've asked Hayden several times and its always been a boy. So yesterday I was a little surprised when she said Bear was a she named Suzy. So I asked her, "how do you know that bear is girl?? I thought he was a boy?" and Hayden looks at me, ROLLS HER EYES, and says in an exasperated voice, "Mom, Bear can't open his mouth and tell me things." Since when do two year olds roll their eyes??????

On to the rest of our life....Preslyn, Ella and Hayden are all cutting teeth. Joy of all joys!!! Hayden is getting her last two year molar, (Sing Hallelujah!) and Preslyn cut her top left front tooth on Monday and Ella just cut hers today. Also, Ella pulled up on her crib yesterday so I had to lower her mattress down last night. Ella has been relatively normal with teething, just sleeping more during the day, but Preslyn has been having a rough time. She rarely takes a nap and she has been taking 5 hour naps during the day. Which is nice, but I can tell it is taking a toll on her. They are both pulling up on everything but are so wobbly when they get up and always fall and bump something.

Hayden has not had an accident since Monday and has started waking up and going straight to the potty by herself before coming and waking me up. Today she was calling to me that she had gone poop. Not the funnest thing to wake up to but hey, I'm excited that she is officially out of diapers!!!! That is going to be a wonderful savings of money :) She has gotten down how to write "H's" and is now working on "A" ...she knows they come in sequence and is doing really well. She is growing up so much lately and really amazes me daily. She is so excited about her upcoming months. She is going on an airplane two times. We don't really fly too often and usually when we do, Hayden isn't with us. So this is her first flight that she remembers. Then we are taking her to Veggie Tales Live, which she is thrilled about and then its her birthday. She also is going to be in two weddings, one in August and one September. So we have lots of fun things going on.

Lastly...Misti our nanny is no longer working with us, but the girls and I have enjoyed her company these last five months. We couldn't have done it without you!! Ella is in her lap in this picture. I always forget to label and then have people ask me which is which. So sorry :) Anyway, we love you Misti and wish you a wonderful marriage!


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