Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Milestones to record

I have been so busy lately that I haven't had a chance to record the things my kiddos have been doing....First, Ella got her first tooth, the lower right front one on May 24. It is so sharp!!! Both of the babies have been reaching up for you to pick them up...I LOVE THAT. I think its my second favorite thing, aside from when they start calling me Mamma. Hayden has been out of school now for one week so, the plan was to really buckle down on potty training since she would be here every day. She has done so good and has FINALLY started pooping on the potty. During the last year of potty training "awareness" she has gone pee zillions of times on the potty, but would never go poop. So finally I made her sit there until she went. She read and sang...and finally called out, "Mommy I did a Taco!" Don't ask me why she calls her poop that, but for whatever reason, I could care less, I was just so excited that she finally actually went! So her big reward for going was she could have gum. She always begs for gum, but we never let her have any. So I decided a while back that I would reward her for going poop with gum. So a gum chewer she now is :) She has had about 4 accidents in a week, but that is not bad considering! We are on our way to one child out of diapers!! WHooHOO!!!

I also one of my close friends got married on the 24th. Lindsey and Brian were wed in a fabulous ceremony that I was so happy to be a part of. Your happiness and love brought tears to my eyes. I wish you so much happiness and adventure in your lives! They are headed to Africa for at least a year to help run an orphanage that Brian's cousin runs. Pray for their safety and for them to have lots of wonderful stories to tell when they return! I'm so sad because Lindsey is my in home hair stylist...it is so wonderful to just call her up and she comes to my house and I don't have to leave all of my kiddos or take them all with me. Good thing I'm growing my hair out! :)


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