Monday, June 30, 2008



Bamboo / Silky Caramel
Blue Moon /Blue Metal or Denim Frost
Cinnabar /Available in new formula
Copper Beach /Honey Spice
Cotton Candy /Precious Pink and Blue
Cranberry Ice / Raisin
Crystalline / Available in new formula
Currant Craze / Sweet Plum
Double Espresso / Espresso and Raisin
Fig /Dusty Lilac and Iris
Gold Leaf / Amber Blaze
Goldenrod / Amber Blaze
Hazelnut / Available in new formula
Jade / No replacement
Java / Hazelnut and Granite
Jungle / Lemongrass and Golden Olive
Lagoon / Blue Metal and Navy Blue
Lucky Penny / Chocolate Kiss or Amber Blaze
Moonstone /Available in new formula
Onyx / Steel and Coal
Periwinkle / Iris
Rainforest/ Ivy Garden
Rose Mist / Precious Pink
Safari Sunset / Honey Spice and Amber Blaze
Sheer Pink / Sweet Pink
Spun Silk / Available in new formula
Storm /Coal
Sugarplum / Dusty Lilac
Tooti Fruiti / Precious Pink and Honey Spice
Tropical Sun / Silky Caramel
Vintage Gold /Available in new formula
Virtual Violet / Sweet Plum
Whipped Cocoa / NEW Hazelnut
White Sand /Sweet Cream
Woodland / Sienna


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