Friday, April 25, 2008

No more bags in this house

We brought Ella up to the hospital to be prepped for surgery on Monday night. She was very good and didn't get crazy even though she couldn't eat. She slept all the way up until I handed her over to the surgery nurse the next afternoon at 12:45.

She was in surgery for about 2 hours and it was very successful. No surprises! They were able to put her back together with no problems. She slept for the first 3 days pretty much entirely. And yesterday she started waking up and being more coherant. We were waiting on her to start passing gas...a sign that her bowels were waking up. BJ had been on duty yesterday so I could go home for a few hours and he called me on my way back up to tell me that she had pooped a little dot. ella's first poopOh people. We were giddy! You have to understand that we have NEVER changed a poopy diaper of hers. She had a couple at the NICU but I never had to do those. So this was a huge milestone for her. So BJ and I switched off and he went home and about an hour later, I hear a big toot ;) and then a little while later Ella had her first BLOWOUT! WHOOHOOO

She has been pooping regularly now so they started her on her fluids again.

So she is supposed to be discharged tomorrow night or Sunday. We are so excited!! She got to start drinking Pedialyte today and then she will go to milk tomorrow :) SHe can't wait!
Thanks for all of your prayers! We can't wait to see you all soon!


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