Monday, April 14, 2008

It's Monday

I think every Monday starts out the same for me. I drag myself out of bed, look around my house and sigh as I say in my head, " HOW does this house turn into THIS EVERY SINGLE WEEK!!!!" and then I make a mental plan to do put everything back together and then realize there is so much that I don't even know where to I start several tasks at once that end up making the house look like I didn't do a thing, which in turn, yes I did I just started 10 things and didn't get to finish them all yet. I did, though, replace the light bulb that has been burnt out in my room for about 10 days, find the shoes I wore on Saturday to give back to the nanny, and find a new home for the triple stroller which we busted out this weekend and gave a whirl.

Preslyn is in the back in the first and on the left in the last pic.

It's now officially the last week of Ella's "life with a bag". We are all thrilled :) Not looking forward to the surgery next Tuesday but definitely know that it is a means to a normal life for all of us.

Michelle tagged me to do this during my next here goes:

What 3 skills would I learn?
1. I would love to be a good photographer. Yes I know that like EVERYBODY would love to do this, but I really would. Because I think photos, taken the right way can really show a persons true personality. I love taking pictures of the kiddos and would love to have that skill perfected like my cool pal Joyelle :)

2. I would like to learn how to sew. I love doing crafty things and I would love to know how to make things and sell them. Handmade things are so cool and I think it is amazing to be able to create something using your hands.

3. Lastly, I'd like to learn how to be a boutique owner. I want to do this in the near future and have had that dream for a long time. So I'd like to learn how to manage it really well and get really good contacts. Learn to have an eye for what is "SO NOW" ;) and know when to move on when it goes to "SO Yesterday".

there...i tag Melissa, Deb, Rachel (both of you) and Allison (you never comment but I know you read!!!)


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