Monday, April 07, 2008

...and there was sight

Thursday I took BJ down to our dreaded place, The Medical Center, and he had Lasik done on both of his eyes. Since then he's been recovering and be cautious. So we had a laid back weekend...rented some movies, made burgers and relaxed as much as possible while juggling three girls :) It was such a bummer because this weekend was the perfect temperature outside, beautiful and not too cold or hot. And we were dying to be out in it, but sadly are still confined for a couple of more weeks. Oh how we are anxious for Ella's surgery to be past us and life to go on!!!

The babies have been really starting to be aware of each other a little more and if they are close enough they will try to jabber to each other and smile! Its so cute!

So while I am cleaning out my house piece by piece over the next year...(we are not going to start building until January.) I am taking suggestions on efficient cleaning/organizing techniques. My first inquiry is this....I want to know how you keep your photos organized. Since the digital era has boomed, I want to know what your system of storing photos from your camera to your computer to printing them. I usually just label all of them and save them to files on my computer for months and months until I have a big window of time (HA) and then send them all to snapfish. This ends up being like 500 pictures at a time, then I have to wait for another big window of time (HA) to organize them and put them into albums and piles for scrapbooking (which never actually occurs...but is in the near future! HELLO girls scrap nights) So ...give me your feedback...what works for you??

Also...what on earth do you do with all of your CD cases...we keep all of our CD's in a big book that we take in and out of the car, but what do you do with the cases?? They are such dust collectors/space-taker-uppers.....any advice????


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