Friday, March 07, 2008

4 months and 29 months

Wow! I can't believe today has already come. My girls are all three growing up so fast and changing right under our noses. We go next week for their four month/2 year checkups and will have all of their stats then.

Preslyn is such a little lovie. She just loves to look at her sisters and is so nosey. She is happy and active and is just jabbering like crazy. We even get an occasional laugh out of her and zillions of smiles! She is trying so hard to make rolling over one of her regular activities, but isn't quite there yet. Soon though! She also pushes up on her arms so tall and loves to lay on her tummy. She loves laying under her baby Einstein play mat and looking at the flashing star that sings to her. She is waking up only once per night which is a HALLELUJAH for us! We are going to transition into their nursery very soon.

Ella is just a little cuddle muffin. She has many days that she decides she is "needy" and wants nothing more than to be held all day. Poor thing has been through alot so its very hard not to spoil her rotten. She is also smiling and flashing her adorable little dimples at us. She has been drooling nonstop the past few days and I'm really wondering if we are already approaching teething. She is loving getting to eat what she wants and is also only waking up once per night. She likes to lay under her light up mobile and look at it in the dark. We are going on Monday for her pre-op test and then they will tell us when her surgery is. Should be very soon. So please pray for her because on Sunday night we cant' feed her anything after midnight, so pray she sleeps all the way until we get to the dr. :)

Hayden is just a talk-a-haulic. She is starting to crack jokes now and say the sweetest things. She has learned how to make funny faces, and pulled one on me the other day and I was laughing so hard, so now she will do it ever so often because she knows it makes me laugh. She is growing so much as well. We measured her the other day because all of her pants have started looking like high waters and she had grown an 1 1/2". So we'll see next week just how tall she is. She has learned when her birthday is, knows all of our names and middle names as well as her grandparents names and middle names. She loves to listen to music and has recently discovered my IPOD and tries to get me to let her listen to hit any chance she gets. Her favorite shows are Handy Manny, Doodlebops and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She calls McDonalds "donald ducks" and is now eating apples just like an adult, without me needing to cut them up and peel them. She has her bottom two year old molars, and we are still on the watch for the top ones. Potty training is coming along, but we still have a ways to go.

I love them all so much and can't wait to see them become great friends!


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