Friday, February 08, 2008

Roughing it up

Hayden came home from school yesterday with a report that she was having excessive "unprovoked agression". I thought this was a little wierd since Hayden is usually very nice to other little kids. The teacher had to put her in time out several times. So when she got home I laid her down for her nap, but she decided she had other plans. She kept getting out of bed and playing (nap time no-no) and then I noticed on our monitor that she was ripping all of her little flash cards into gillions of pieces. I went up there and she was histerical. Totally not herself. She was crying on the drop of a dime. The day before she had fallen asleep at 5:30pm and woke up for a drink at 11:30 and slept the whole night. Something was up. So I asked her if her teeth were hurting and she said yes and pointed to her bottom right molar...I looked and there it was...her first 2 year molar had finally peeked through. We've been waiting for these things forever it seems.

Happy Birthday weekend to Ty and Mary Elizabeth!!! Both are celebrating their 4th birthdays!!! Hope you all have wonderful weekends. Maybe this will be the last one for us as a 4 member family at home!


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