Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hey fans!

I'm sorry for the lack of posting, I've been getting calls requesting an update so here I am :) We have had no internet since Saturday so I have been really behind on everything, plus we have all been under the weather a bit, except for Preslyn. She is as healthy as ever. I took her for her second round of synagis yesterday (that's the shot to hopefully prevent RSV) and her weight check and she is 7lb. 7oz! Her big sister Ella is 8lbs.4oz. and progressing beautifully. Today she is up to 47cc's per feed so she's nearly3/4 of the way to full feeds. She needs to be at about 75 or so and tolerating them good in order to come home,which may be very close to the time she needs her second surgery.

I'm sorry I have no pictures right now but check back later today and I'll try to get some up. I'm on a different computer and don't have pictures on it to post.

Hayden started back to school for this month and then we are pulling her out for the rest of the semester. She loves it, but we just can't risk her bringing home those nasty germs. So she will start back in the fall. She is such a little mommy to Preslyn and is constantly trying to help. They are doing well together and we are so glad we have had no problems with jealousy.

I promise to get pictures up soon! We've been busy little bees around here. Hope you all are doing well!


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