Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Day 77

Today I counted up the days that Ella has been away from us and it came to 77. That is such a long time. Most parents are never away from their children that long and if they are it isn't until they are much older. I try to not think about the length of time and just go about my days because it seems like it is forever. I want her to be a part of our family and get to know her little quirks like we are with Preslyn. I can't wait for her to come home.

She was finally moved to level 2 again last night. The nurses are so glad to have her back. She is up to 72cc/feed which is about 150ml/kilo and she has to be at 180ml/kilo to come home, so she is getting close. We may be able to have her for a couple of weeks before her surgery but I'm not getting my hopes up. I just want it to surprise me if it happens at all.

We haven't been able to see her in a week and a half which is a lifetime for us. We have all three had bacterial infections of some sort...Hayden had an ear infection and congestion and bj and I both had sinus infections. So we finally went to the Dr on Saturday and got some antibiotics so we are feeling much better now.

Hayden has really been a little mommy lately. She walks around with the burp cloth on her shoulder and carries her babies wrapped up in blankets. Yesterday while I was waiting on the bottle to warm up Hayden darted out of the room. Preslyn was in her bassinet, crying, and so I waited a few more seconds and then grabbed the bottle. When I got to my room , Hayden was standing at the bassinet feeding Preslyn an empty bottle. She was so proud of herself for soothing her and wanted to feed her the full bottle next. She is such a big helper and is learning little jobs that she can do to help out with Preslyn. She loves her so much already and is constantly saying "she's my baby sister in the whole wide world" ( i think that means in her little mind, she's my favorite :) She is still very confused on the whole idea that there is another baby somewhere out there that is also her sister.

In other news, we got an elliptical!!! Whoohoo. For Christmas we asked for a few things that we really needed (i.e. a deep freezer or second refrigerator/freezer) and we got lots of wonderful things as well as enough money to buy a new refrigerator/freezer AND an elliptical. I have been wanting one so I can use it here at the house, since obviously our outings are very limited and when we do get one, the last thing we want to do is go work out. So bj has his Bio Force weights and I have my elliptical. Now I can finish toning up and get into shape so I can start running some 5k's and work up to a marathon! My goal is to run the Houston marathon in January 09. Maybe I'll at least be ready for a half marathon by then! So our elliptical is here and working (i tried it out yesterday and got a good workout in) and our refrigerator comes this Sunday!! With all the milk I have pumped we have already filled up one freezer plus we have 80 bottles at the NICU still. So we were running out of space. And having a family of five, we had barely enough room in our refrigerator for the stuff we need when there were only three..so I am super excited about my new fridge :) Oh the joys of getting old and getting excited about appliances :) lol.


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