Sunday, December 09, 2007

Rules Redefined

we updated some of the rules to clarify some stuff so read on :)

1. Anyone who wants to see the babies for an extended time or on a regular basis MUST have a flu shot. If you do not wish to get a flu shot your visits will have to be limited to a short time and not regularly.
non-flu shot peeps: one visit per week/30 min. max.
***People without flu shots will not be able to hold the babies until after RSV season has ended. This will be determined by our pediatrician, but for last year RSV ended in May.

2. No more than 4 people or one family in the house at one time, other than the caregivers. Visits can not be in large groups. We will only be able to have a few visitors per day so please call before you come.

3. No one under 2 years old. Sorry little babies....grow grow grow and then come see us :)

4. Ultra strict hand washing once you enter our home....please don't be alarmed by the germaphobic habits we have assumed. If you are touching one baby, you have to wash your hands before you can touch the other one. It is sometimes hard to remember this one if you aren't used to it, but its for the babies' safety so if one is sick we don't get the other one sick.

5. No one will be able to enter the home under any circumstances if you are sick in any way. Even allergies. I hate to be the bad guy so please don't make me have to tell you to leave. I will feel horrible.

6. No kissing on the babies faces or hands. I know they are irresistible but its for their safety.

7. Oh...did I mention ultra strict Hand washing....we have purel bottles stocking up :)

8.Please please please give us a call before you come so we can space out our visitors.

Can't wait for you to meet our little angels in person!!! We really wish we didn't have to have these rules, but if you had seen the things we have seen in the NICU you would totally understand. We love you all and are so thankful for each of your prayers and thoughts. Your encouragement has meant the world and we couldn't do this without it all.

Once we are out of the scary preemie stage and RSV season we plan to have an open house Meet the Babies sort of thing so stay tuned!!


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