Monday, December 10, 2007

My lists are NOT that bad!

Once again, sorry blogworld. I'm so behind on here! I've been fighting off pneumonia, visiting my girls and trying to get ready for the week that is ahead of us.

Let me recap the weekend. Friday morning I took Hayden to the doctor to get whatever we needed to take care of her cough and fever. Found out we had a pneumonia which was RSV again. Twice in her life already and of course at the worst time ever. So we got her a shot, put her on a steroid, a decongestant, two breathing treatments every 4 hours and Tylenol for fever, as well as an antibiotic. We had to make a chart just to keep up with all of it. Within 24 hours she was fever free and on the road to clear lungs. We are still coughing but not contagious and believe it was just a bacterial infection, which her body responded to the antibiotics quickly and she is much better already. Thank the Lord!

Anyway, so we get home on Friday from the doctor and I get a call from the NICU telling me that Ella is suffering from strictures in her intestines, as a result of scar tissue from having pneumatosis.
They are wanting to do surgery as soon as it is confirmed that she does not have an infection, which would delay surgery. We had to wait 48 hours on the blood work for that confirmation. So BJ and I hurried down to the hospital hoping they wouldn't change their mind before we could get there and do surgery suddenly. She received two blood transfusions due to severe anemia (just like her mommy) and when we got there she was so pale and her tummy was extremely bloated. BJ and I stayed at the Ronald McDonald house for the night and visited the girls several times. I was able to feed Preslyn by bottle and had a lesson on "active feeding" which is how to feed a preemie who does not yet know how to suck, swallow, breathe. It was very tedious and poor girl and I were not working so well together. BJ did a much better job the next day.

Anyway, skip to still on hold, they confirmed that Ella has two infections both stemming from her PICC line in her arm, which was helping her to not have to be stuck repetitively to receive IV fluids, blood, antibiotics, etc. So they had to remove that and do a line in her head. This was a horrible thought for me, as I had seen a baby have this done on my last visit to the hospital and I almost lost it and it wasn't even my own child. They even had to shave part of her hair off. (the nurse said she saved if for me and I didn't even ask her to). They also did a test on her heart because they thought they heard a murmur again, but the echo came back clear. (Praise the Lord again!)

Now for Preslyn, last week BJ and I took our class to be educated in infant CPR as well we took our car seat education course to learn how to properly secure a preemie. Surprisingly, we did learn stuff we didn't know in that. Preslyn looked so tiny in the car seat.

But she passed her car seat test, today she had her synagis shot and her hepatitis B shot and now she ready to come home!! She is back to full feeds and finishing them beautifully. So we are going on Wednesday to pick that chick up :) :) :) Whahhooooo!!!!!!!!!!

As of today Preslyn is 5lbs. 3oz. and Ella is 5lbs. 4 oz. and both are in level 2 for the time being.

This morning Hayden and I decorated a gingerbread train for a diversion for both of us. We had so much fun although I think we had more green icing on us than on the train.

"I don't know about touching this icing stuff, Mom"

ok fine...I'll try it

here goes nothin'

yummmm i love it!!!

A few recent Hayden stories:

Hayden by her first Christmas tree to help decorate....pardon the dorrito face :)

The other day we were driving in the car, Hayden is on her steroid which makes everything far more dramatic in her little life, so Hayden says to me,
H."What you doin mommy?"
M. "Making a to-do list."

Bj and I lost it laughing so hard.

The next one was while we were all three up in her room right after she woke up one morning, she starts walking down the hall but hadn't had her diaper changed yet. BJ called to her and Hayden answered back..." I Can't HEAR you!!!" ( oh brother....she is way to young for that)

Last story. Apparently Hayden has decided to assume the Rachel Rakes way of addressing her parents, even from a tender age of 2. This morning I woke up to Hayden calling me on the monitor..."Mommmyyyyyyyy............moooooommmmmyyyyyyyyyyyy....LIIIIINNNDDDSSSAAAYYYYYY........
LINDSAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY." I couldn't believe it. Then several times today she talked to BJ using his first name instead of Daddy.


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