Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Howdy howdy!

Once again I am in a continuous whirlwind. Last night BJ and I finally got a chance to sit down by the fire after the day was done and have nice adult conversation about life and I was so pooped that I fell asleep while he was talking to me. Poor BJ.

So, we are in mad preparation mode right now because.....drumroll....


Yes that's correct, she is doing so well and they said if all continues how it has been she will be home beginning of next week :) :) :) We are all so excited.

This just in......I just got off the phone with the nurse and she said that Ella is so close behind Preslyn that they could very well go home together .....HOLY COW!!! We are finally getting our babies!!!

It feels so much like we are adopting them since they haven't been home. It's been a very strange experience for sure, but we are winding down.

Today we are taking infant CPR and then Thursday we have our car seat education class. Also ECI (Early childhood intervention) has been contacted to help us transitioning the babies into our home. These are all signs of impending discharge so its getting exciting around here :)

Let me give you some stats real quick....
full feeds (8 bottles a day at 18 cc's/bottle)
18 1/4" long
4 bottles per day at 45cc's/bottle
17 3/4" long

They are finally the exact same weight. They are so beautiful...Preslyn is a little fiery like her mom and is usually a bit redder skin toned then Ella who is pale and calm...like her daddy. They are so precious.

The other day I got to bottle feed them both for the first time. Hayden was sitting on the chair by me and I was talking to Ella saying, " Come on girl...open your mouth...wake up!" and Hayden starts saying in a very loud and bossy voice..."Open your mouth Ella....Ella...open your MOUTH." Then proceeds to try to pry her little lip open....it was so funny.

Yesterday Hayden and I put the tree up...mind you...just the tree, no decorations, lights nothing..just branches. It was so funny because she was handing me the branches while saying, " This one is a big one like a big girl and this one is little like Preslyn...and this one is little like Ella." The way she says Preslyn is so cute...I really need to get it on video. She says Pweswyn. :) I love it.

Ok..no time to waste...have a million errands to run and a million things to do :) I will be posting our "when they come home visitation rules" soon , as instructed by the doctors...so stay tuned!


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