Thursday, December 27, 2007

Appendix aschmendix
I've got some pics to update but somehow took them in a different format so I can't get them to download off my camera. I'll have to work on that. This first one shows how she has been losing her hair since they have to shave it off to give her iv's in her head. Hopefully her picc line will stay in and not infected this time so she doesn't have to have anymore head lines.

I just want to thank everyone for their prayers today. Ella went into surgery around 10:30am and we were called back in at 12 saying she was out. That is wonderful considering they prepared us for a 3-5 hour procedure. Every prayer that was prayed was answered today. We prayed for a quick surgery DONE, we prayed for her to not have her colon removed (She made it out with over half of her colon still in tact!!!), we prayed for no surprises, there were none, we prayed for her to be taken off the ventilator post-surgery (she was, but then had to be intubated so she could have some meds for pain. not really a big deal, we are just glad she is not in pain and not having to work hard to recover and breathe.) Once again, we serve a big God and He has once again walked us through a scary situation and we are so thankful for the outcome. Ella was resting peacefully when we left her this evening and they are hoping if her recovery is smooth, that they will start feeds up again very small in about a week.

They only removed two portions of her colon and a small piece of her small intestine, that happens to be attached to her appendix, so that came on out as well. They gave her an ostomy, which is basically her intestine is open to the outside of her body and her stools will come through that and into a bag while her colon heals. This will help prevent infection from her stools passing through the surgical area. She will have another surgery in about 8 weeks to put the intestine back inside and remove the bag.

It was a long tiring day and surprisingly I held up really well and when the surgery was over and I called to give my parents an update that is when I finally broke down, just out of relief. There is nothing like knowing your precious little child is undergoing surgery that could possibly turn out leaving her with long term side effects. But those never came into play and for that I am so thankful. We are relieved to finally be past this surgery and move on to a full recovery resulting in her coming home to us!! We can't wait!


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