Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Some answers to your questions:

Day 35

Delivery is set for Friday, Nov. 9 for sure in the morning, most likely around 8. We ask that if you are sick or have been recently or feel like you might be getting sick that you don't come. We are really sorry to have to do that, but it is for the safety of our babies. Having preemies is a whole new ball game and we cannot get sick because then we cannot see them and they will not let you near them if you are sick.

We have no clue how long the babies will be in the hospital. They have to go to the NICU since they will be under 36 weeks. After that its totally up in the air, just based on them growing, eating, maintaining body temp, etc. The sucking reflex usually doesn't mature until 34 weeks so I'm assuming they will be there at a minimum of 2 weeks. They say to estimate them being there until their actual due date, which would be January 3. So basically anything before then will be excellent. Basically we will have no clue until they are born and the neonatologists can assess them.

I will be discharged on Monday as long as all is well with me. Praying my diabetes and elevated heartrate (tachychardia) go away upon delivery. We are not sure as of yet where I will be once I am discharged. They have housing available to parents in situations like ours and since we live so far away from the hospital we may qualify to stay there. So more on that as the time arises.


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