Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pushing ahead to 30!!!

Today marks my 26th day here in the hospital, which finally puts me at less days to go then how many I've been here. I only have 23 more days to D-day!!! Whoohoo!!!

The babies have been doing really well these past few days with very few decels. Because of that I have got to skip two nights of monitoring at 3 am!! It has been glorious to sleep 5 solid hours at one time!!! On the other hand I have been having lots of contractions off and on. The doctors have been monitoring them and he told me this morning that if I keep having them and they get regular about 2-3 minutes apart, but I don't start dialating they will give me drugs to try and stop them. (Which I am hoping I get to skip out on because I hear the drugs make you feel aweful). But he said that if I do start dialating at all, then they will just deliver me. I had never really even thought about that. So I'm hoping my body just calms down and doesn't try to evict the little ones before its time. Though I know whenever they are born is the perfect time, because God already knows.

I'm so glad we are coming up on 30 weeks. There are so many health issues that are reduced after 30 weeks. And that was my own personal goal and here it is so close!! I can't wait for you all to see them and know their names and know that all of your prayers have helped bring these girls into the world.


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