Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Letter M

Well I don't have a story that relates to the clue but I will tell you the story of how we got engaged, for those who have never heard it :) Since for me that happens once in a lifetime!

It was the summer and BJ and I were taking a BIO class together here at home. We were supposed to watch Gatica for some reason, on our own time. So we had decided to get together and watch it at my house. Well, that morning I woke up with some freak eye disorder. One of my eyes was totally swollen. We had no idea what was wrong. So BJ had called and asked if we could go grab a bite to eat before we watched the movie. (It was right around our 1 yr. 4mo. anniversary or something). He asked if we could go somewhere kind of nice and dress up a bit. Well I told him I didn't feel like doing anything and I surely wasn't getting all dressed up and putting makeup on my swollen eye. As the day progressed I felt less and less like going anywhere, but he kept insisting. So reluctantly I agreed. My eye started un-swelling and I started to feel better. So, I start getting ready and my mom keeps coming in and telling me that I should wear something nicer. I didn't really care what I was wearing because it was no big deal to me, so I was kind of getting aggravated. So , BJ shows up and we leave. This new little restaurant had just opened The Black Walnut, and I had been wanting to go for a while. So he pulled up there and I was so excited. We start walking in and he makes a comment that he made reservations for us. I didn't think much of it, and he even said he reserved us a room. I thought, well a room is way too big for just us, but oh well. I didn't know why he felt like we needed to eat in solitude. So we walk in and someone is waiting for us and had the room all closed off. So we walk in to the room and there are several small tables, and one in the back with a card and a rose. I thought it was so cute and just a gesture toward our anniversary of being together. So we go sit down and I start reading the card. I don't remember the exact wording, but it said something like " here's to the first of many new anniversaries". I didn't get it at all....so I'm reading this out loud and look up as I finish and BJ is on his knee with the ring in front of me. I totally freaked. I had not seen that coming and was totally caught off guard. I kept asking if he had already talked to my parents (which of course he had) and I just couldn't believe that this was happening. I was so excited, and of course I said yes. So I put the ring on and we started talking about how he had worked everything out and planned everything. He had met with my parents two weeks before and I had no clue. They were great secret keepers. So as we are talking suddenly his family and my family and his best friend Jared all walk in with a video camera. I could not believe it. That's when I started crying. So we all ate and celebrated our first dinner as a merging family. I think I ate two bites :) It was the perfect day! And BJ had picked out the ring himself so I had no idea at all. And it was gorgeous :) Then I realized why my mom had wanted me to dress up more. That little sneaker!

The End


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