Monday, October 15, 2007

Day 20

Wow...writing that number seems so weird. I feel like I have been here an eternity. I am almost to my halfway mark on my hospital stay! I have 29 days to go. Today my doctors were supposed to have a meeting and schedule my C-section and put it in the surgery book. So I still asked for November 13, which will put me a few days over 32 weeks, so hopefully I will have a definite day in the next couple of days. They wanted to give me something definite to look forward to.

I had an ultrasound Sunday and both babies are now head down, which neither have been this entire pregnancy. Hayden was head down the whole time. So maybe that means my body is telling them its nearly the end. My stomach is oh so heavy feeling and the kicks are getting harder and harder. My whole stomach lurches now when both babies are awake. :)

I have another ultrasound on Wednesday and they will be measuring and weighing the babies, so I am anxious to see how big they have gotten. They have been doing so well. A few decels here and there, but nothing that is getting into a pattern, so that is good.

For those of you who are praying, I have a specific need for sleep. Since I am being monitored now every 4 hours for one hour, minimum, I am getting little to no sleep. I can get no more than 2 hours at a time so it has been very hard on my poor tired little body. So please pray that God will multiply my hours as I get them and allow me to stay refreshed and healthy.

I'll be posting a new baby clue tomorrow :) don't forget that we are giving you the letters to the first and middle guess away!!


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