Friday, October 05, 2007

Day 10

Hello outside world! I'm still here and alive...though I feel like it is barely. I haven't really posted an update on me and the babes because we've had the intense name game going on and I just really haven't had much time to blog.

No time?? you might ask. Yes, many of you out there probably think I am just sitting here, vegging, watching TV and just waiting...well that is far from the case. I thought that is how it would be and I thought I'd be bored out of my mind, but this is the real situation folks. The doctor wanted to order that I be put on constant monitoring 24/7. But after the first try of that we all realized that was just next to impossible. The babies move entirely too much and they can't just strap a monitor on me and leave. No. they have to stay here and move the monitors all over my stomach for hours on end and it is so exhausting and grueling. sometimes we'll catch the babes at a good time and they put me on and I get monitored for an hour, no big deal. But other times, it takes up to two hours just to find two different heartbeats and then we just hope they will be still enough for them to trace their heartbeats on the monitor for long enough to make sure they are ok. Since they are in there together, and still small they move around alot and hide from us. So instead I am on every 4 hour monitoring. This includes during the night.

So right now I am exhausted because I had to get monitored all throughout the night starting last night. I wish I could sleep during them, but that just is wishful thinking. So pray for me to get rest. They come in and out of my room so many times a day, drawing blood, taking vitals, monitoring, that really, I hardly can catch a 1 hour nap even if I wanted to.

I also failed my diabetes test the other day, so they are going to do the next one on Sunday and hopefully I will pass that one so I don't have to go on a special diet, or worse, insulin injections. These babes are working me over, that's for sure.

Today I had another terrible "Target" incident. I was sitting on my bed and all of the sudden out of nowhere my blood pressure dropped way down, i felt light-headed, nauseated, my whole body felt faint and couldn't keep my eyes open. The nurse was there and immediately paged the doctor and they were trying to keep me alert, while hooking me up to all sorts of stuff. I was near the black out stage when suddenly I barfed everywhere. No warning....I felt so bad for the nurse helping me and I actually apologized between heaves. lol. So they don't know what happened, but I am really getting sick of these situations. They scare me so bad and I feel like my body is shutting down on me and it scares me for the babies. But they did fine through all of it. So hopefully that will never happen again because I hate it. It always makes me feel like I am dying.

So right now I am just trying to take care of my body and allow it to sustain these babies. This pregnancy has been so crazy. It seems with Hayden everything went perfect, with me and her. And this time around, everything is high risk, and there is so much going wrong with me and it seems like I can't get a break. So just pray for renewed strength for me and for no more incidents like today and for these babies to keep doing well like they have been. I've been having a few low grade contractions here and there but nothing severe. And the babies are having some decels, but again, nothing severe. We just pray that they stay inconsistent and then we will have no cause to get them out earlier than planned.

I love you all and really appreciate the emails and messages and encouragement. I don't answer my phone very often because I am so tired that I usually turn it off, but emails and messages are great. They make me feel like I am still connected with the world. I'm trying to get rested enough to stop putting off you that have asked to come visit. But its just not like I thought it was going to be. It is way more involved and exhausting and having visitors right now is too much for me. keep asking though! I'll let you know when it is a good time, I promise! Oh and when you do come, dress warmly...I keep my air on 55 and everyone says its so cold in here, but I am always hot. :)


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