Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Hayden Goes to School

Last Thursday, Hayden, Grammy and I ventured out to "Meet the Teacher" day at Hayden's new Mother's day out school. It was a Teddy Bear Picnic and all of the children were supposed to bring their favorite bear with them.

She is in the Tikes class which is for one-year-olds, but since her birthday falls after the cut off she will be in that class all year even though she'll be 2 for most of the time.

There are 10 children (including Hayden) and its about even on girls and boys. It was so fun to go and see her interact with the other children. There were several criers, a few shy stare-ers, and then a couple that were totally confident and raring to go. Of course you can imagine that Hayden was one of the latter. She could have cared less that we were there with her and she was going from one thing to another. It made me feel really relieved and I knew we were doing the right thing by letting her start this semester. She is ready!

So, today was the big day! BJ and I woke her up together and she was so excited! She ate breakfast, got in her new school clothes, put on her new cowl backpack and carried her new pig lunchbox. She was a doll!

As we were driving, she kept saying, "Mommy go to school with me?? Mommy stay with me." And I started getting a little worried. I had thought it would be no big deal but then I started worrying. So when we got there she was all about wanting to wear her backpack and carry her own lunchbox again. So we walked in and and she was in the zone. She met her teachers and started scanning the room for things to do.

So I left...some of the mom's seemed like it was going to be hard on them to leave. But I was thinking to myself...would it be wrong to do a little "happy dance" once I get out the doors??

My mom was with me today so she got to go with us to pick her up. (Bj got to come home and go pick her up too). The last hour of school is their nap time....well I figured Hayden will probably never take a nap at school because she is such a busy-body. And sure enough she was up when we got there. Several of the other kids were sacked out on the floor, but Hayden was still going like the energizer bunny. The teacher said she did a great job all day and even got to go on a teacher errand with her :) She said she they went to make some copies Hayden, who had come along, looked at her and said (with her hand posed like "stop in the name of Love") ,"I'll be right back". Lol!! The teacher thought that was pretty funny.

They learned the color red today and that they are growing. She colored some pictures that she brought home and made an apple craft page. It is so fun to see her with all her little school things and learning. Its weird to be "the mom" in this situation, but it is so fun! Hayden said she wanted to go back, so we'll be going again on Thursday!!

What a fun day!

****Correction: yes the lunch box is an elephant. I thought about that later and dont' know what I was thinking when I wrote Pig :) Lol..blame it on the preggo brain! Its mushy up there right now! :)


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