Sunday, September 30, 2007

Day 5

hello hello...

its me, the captive being held hostage at the hospital :) The nurses always joke with me because I don't wear the hospital gowns and so I don't look like a patient. So when I go on walks in the hospital they always warn me to come back. I'm one of the only mom's on my wing that can even leave their room so I am thankful for that. Most of them are on strict bed rest for one reason or another.

So I can't believe I've already been here for 5 full days. They keep me pretty busy. Seriously. My morning starts at 6:30 every morning and then is filled with a series of doctor visits, nurse visits, then then bring my food, then they clean my room and then monitoring. By 12 I am pooped! They do bring me entirely too much food in this place. I am never finished with my first tray before they are bringing me another one! Most of it is relatively good though, so at least I'm not being loaded up with gross stuff. One of my night nurses must have it out for me to gain as much weight as possible because every night she works she always brings me an ice cream at 12am. She says its just to keep me I laugh at her and tell her I'm going to get nice and fat if she keeps it up.

I got my blood tests back and my thyroid is fine and my heart rate is just being classified as pregnancy induced tachycardia. They are just monitoring it and making sure it doesn't get severely elevated. But the last day or so, it has been lower so that is a relief. I did fail my hemoglobin tests (as well as another one, can't remember the name of it) and therefore am anemic and am now on iron. As well I am having some KILLER indigestion. Wow, I feel like my esophagus is literally on fire. The stuff they gave me for that I almost puked up it was so gross, but it seems to be helping.

Hayden and BJ got to come up this weekend and have a sleepover. It was so fun to get to see them and spend time with them. I painted Hayden's fingernails and toenails, which she loves, and we watched Shrek and played Princess Memory. Hayden slept with me in my bed and she was a cuddler to the max. She could not sleep unless her leg was over me somehow. I loved it. It was so hard to see them go. I think it was harder this time then it was initially. Hayden kept saying, Mommy come to my house. and when I'd say I couldn't, she would say PLEAAAAAASSSSSSEEEEE. Breaks my heart.
I want to be there so bad, but this is what is best for our babies right now. I can't wait to look back on it instead of live it. BJ has really picked up the slack and is doing a great job being Mr. Mom and Dad while still maintaining work and even squeezing in a guys night :) I'm sure we will both learn so many new things through this experience and be better people and parents in the long run.

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Well I need to hit the sack....night night :)


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