Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Ultrasound 5

We went and had a wonderful appointment today!! Yeah for those :) We got all good news and the girls are growing so good and look excellent!! And, one major praise report...their cords were somewhat untangled compared to last time...still some tangling but not the mass knot that we saw last time !!! WHOOHOOO!!

So we are still on track for the hospital at 26 weeks...i'll go in for an appointment that week sometime and then just walk over and get admitted after. So no set date yet, but I'll probably get one at my next appointment. I can't believe we are in the homestretch already. We have a long ways to go but its starting to really get down to the serious stuff.

They were both very active the whole time and we got some cute pics :)

Oh also...this doctor, my new doctor has had 20 mono/mono cases in his career and a 100% success rate :) He has never lost a baby! I feel confident that we are definitely in the perfect hands!


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