Thursday, August 02, 2007

Big Decisions, but an even Bigger God

Well we had a big day yesterday. We had a meeting with the chief Neonatologist at the hospital and talked with him about our situation and he gave us some very sound information and advice to help us make some tough decisions that we have had looming over us. We have been praying fervently for God's clear direction on where to have these babies and who to have watching over them. Of course we really wanted the best thing for everyone, but I had really been leaning towards having them at the same hospital as Hayden. Well yesterday after hearing some more information and talking things over we have decided to be transferred downtown to a specialist care and be at the hospitals where they are prepared to do emergency C-sections around the clock. At our hospital here, they always have an OB on call but not necessarily at the hospital. If we were ever to have a cord tangle and clamp off, we would only have 7 minutes to get them out and that is not enough time if an OB is not in the building. Downtown they have residents/interns/and doctors there 24/7 so that would not be an issue. I know that God's hand is in all of this and it is amazing to see Him guiding our every step, getting us to the place we need to be a the right moments. So! with that decision made, that means I will be doing my hospitalization down there as well. Which is not my preference because it is so far from my friends and family, but it is what is best for my babies. I know I will be in good hands and I am just so ready for all this intense situation to calm down and to hold those two miracles in my hands.

I also found out that many of the hospitals today do Kangaroo care, which is basically just letting the parents hold and touch the babies, even if they require the isolate beds. Our babies will be in the NICU when they arrive, whenever they arrive and I was very worried that that would mean I would not get to hold them for a long time, but I was so overjoyed to hear that research has discovered that body to body contact is a wonderful therapy for the little ones. Thank you Lord for another answered prayer!!!

We had so many questions answered yesterday and it was a very emotional day for me especially. Just getting closer and closer to the point that it is critical is hard for me to swallow sometimes. I have been so strong, but it seemed like the reality of it all was too much for me yesterday. I broke down in the doctors office, and the funny thing is he said..."wow, its been years since I've made a mother cry." and we all laughed, and then he said"But, its been longer since she's made me cry...." Lol...he was crying too!! Too funny.

So, I will be going into the hospital around 26 weeks which is Sept. 29th-ish. After that our next milestone is to make it to 27 weeks...that is when the odds for the babies not surviving and living a problem-free life are majorly in their favor. So, anytime after that they are good to be born into this world, although we really want them to stay in until as close to 34 weeks as possible and then we can pick a day that we are ready, I can get my steroid injection for their lungs, and we can do a calm C-section, instead of a rushed emergency STAT one. That is my ultimate prayer. I really want it to be just a day that we all decide on and BJ can definitely be there and my family. I am so hoping it isn't a rushed thing, where no one has time to be there with me and I have to be unconscious because it happens so fast. I want to be awake when they are born. I want to hear those girls cry and see them before they are rushed to the NICU and hooked up to their tubes and stuff.

We also had another blessing....I have been trying to figure out a way to get a laptop to use while I'm in the hospital so I can have some sort of outside communication with the world. And I just happened to mention it to my dad the other day and he had an extra one that he isn't using and it works great! I was so excited!!! So now I just have to find out from the hospital what I'll need to get on the Internet and we are in business :)

We appreciate all of your continued prayers and we cannot wait to see all of the miracles and journeys that God brings us through!

I've decided to leave the blog open right now because we have had so many people just joining us through people telling about what is going on with our babies, so for now it will remain open. Feel free to comment if you are reading! We love to know who is out there!!

And finally....Big sister :) We can't forget her! We are trying to update her room to a big girl room, and we finally put her twin bed up this week.
She has been trying it out every time she lays down, but hasn't made it through the night without wanting to get back in her little bed. She is getting better though.

We are trying not to rush her because she is in the midst of many changes right now and we don't want to overwhelm her, so we are just giving her the option to use it when she's ready. She's borrowing my sheets from college until we get hers :)

That's what we've been telling people they are welcome to do for her birthday this year...she has so many toys and things and really doesn't need anything, so we registered at Pottery Barn Kids for her birthday in case people want to give a gift to help out with her Big Girl room :)

She is such a ham as usual and I had to post these pics...she got these new little shoes and she was just prancing around in them like a ballerina....such a cutie! Oh...and she also now knows all of her A,B, C's :) She's our little genius!

Oh! We got our first gift for the babies!!! Thank you Andrea and Austin!! Such fun :) We got a bare Boppy, which I was so excited about. I didn't get one last time and I really wanted one this time. And then we got this super cool night and day bottle warmer/cooler. You can keep two bottles made in the cooler part for 8 hours and then warm them up real quick when we need them. I think it will come in handy for having two hungry, probably around the same time! No time for making bottles, just grab and go! :)


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