Wednesday, June 13, 2007

We're ba-ack!

Well I had my appointment and everything is on the up and up. Baby's heartrates were at 184 and 167. So one is more active than the other one :) They are measuring perfectly and were so cute! They wiggled around a few times while we saw them and that is always fun! Oh and I lost two pounds :) :) I don't think that ever happened with my pregnancy with Hayden.

We saw that they are definitely in one sac so my risk factor is pretty high. We have to see a specialist at Baylor Medical Center soon to just get a consult and make sure from his perspective that everything matches up to my OB's. All of the risks are kind of freaking us out but we know that God is in control as always and He is the only one that can see these babies through. We appreciate all of your prayers and hope that you don't stop! We want them to stay in there as long as they can.

The other thing is that I will definitely have a C-section and they will take them at 34 weeks as long as the need does not arise to do it earlier. Pray that they don't come earlier. So 34 weeks is Thanksgiving day :) November 22 so you may all want to update your baby guesses! There is no chance for a January baby and probably not even a December one.

Lastly............................we think they are boys.....the ultrasound tech said it would be very unlikely to see what they were, but when she started poking around we both saw a little "something something" on both of I go back in two weeks for another ultrasound and maybe we'll know for sure then. That was like the one scenario that we didn't have a second potential name we'll be putting our thinking caps on now :) And Mel, yes...I do go more often and get ultrasounds every time since I am high risk.

I'm off to finish packing now :) I'm so excited about New York!!!!


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