Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Introducing PEGGY

This past weekend one of my childhood dreams came true for Hayden. I had it in my head years ago that I wanted a duck. A sweet little yellow fuzzy duck that could live in my room with me and be my pet. I bought a bird cage for my soon-to-be pet and was all set. Or so I thought.

If you look hard you can see that one little yellow duck in the cage...yes that was the dream pet I had.

The confusion happened when I kept saying that I wanted a baby chick. You know the ones you see in cartoons that are so cute and little and yellow, yes that's the one. Well in my head it translated to growing up, staying little and cute and somehow transforming into a completely different animal. A duck. Yes, I wanted a baby chick that would live forever yellow and fuzzy so it had to be a duck. I guess it never crossed my mind that I just needed to envision a baby duck.

Well the day finally came and my parents took me to the place that I was to get the aforementioned superhero transformer animal. I walked in and saw a grown "chick" which is a Chicken for those of you who have brains that actually do work and you already know that chicks grow to chickens; baby ducks to big...ducks. Well the chickens were of course, ugly and scary and not pet-like whatsoever. I think I ran out and never looked back and that was the end of my pet duck/chick dream.

So this Easter the dream resurfaced with adult-like undertones. Basically I got my chickens and ducks straightened out. I wanted to get Hayden her own duck for Easter...no not to keep in her room in a little bird cage, but in the pond on the property out front of Bj's parents house, which happens to be walking distance from ours. So Sunday after church we headed out to Trading Days at the fairgrounds which to me seemed like a bunch of non-rodeo quality animals and puppies and kittens all lined up for us to choose from.

So we walked up and down the rows, and pet the bunnies, saw the baby pigs (they wagged their tails at Hayden, it was adorable) , looked at the ducks and the baby ducks, saw the scary chickens ( yep, still ugly and not pet-like) and finally we saw her.....

See the deal was Mr. Munson was getting some ducks too, so he had picked out 7 ducks. They were all pretty much black or gray and looked similar.

So I wanted to get Hayden a duck that looked totally different so she could spot it from the rest of them. So we saw this big, pretty, white duck and I knew that was the one. ( OK, so it was the only white duck on the premises, but she was THE ONE) We paid a mere $10 for her, which for some reason surprised me that it was that cheap, but I don't really know what I had in mind that it would cost.

Anyway, so we brought home all the ducks and let them out into the pond. Then we named her...Peggy.


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