Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Almost Junk Free

I am nearing the end of my unjunking my junk project and it is so nice. Bj and I worked on a few things that I was needing his help on this weekend. I tried to stay busy to keep my mind off my churning stomach below. Yes folks, I have had some serious nausea with this pregnancy so far, but surprisingly it only lasted through the weekend. Yesterday and today have been totally nausea-free and I hope that it stays that way for the remainder of the time.

Last week was also a big week for us because we paid off all of our credit card debt!! WHOOHOO! We've been working on it since the beginning of our marriage it seems and it is finally gone!! Thank you JESUS! It is such a relief!

We've also decided to put Hayden in a little Mother's Day Out program here. I went and checked it out last week and loved it. So we made the final decision last night and she will start this fall. I think it is perfect timing because she will get to start and be in it for 4 months before the bambino arrives. That will help her not feel like she is just getting shipped out. She is so ready for this. She is such a smart girl and can already count to 13!! So I am really excited to see her learn in a group setting. It was really hard to find a place that we could afford that actually taught with a curriculum. I didn't want it to be just a daycare setting because that isn't what we were going for at all. I want her to start learning in a relaxed setting and I only wanted her to go 2 days a week. Some places were offering full weeks and that is just too much for her little self. So, we are very excited!!

Yesterday Hayden and I went to pick out the paint for her bathroom. We are painting it and making it into a total kid bathroom....I'll post pics when we are finished. Hopefully it will be started and maybe even finished before the week is over. It's GREEN :) Fun fun!!

So one month of this pregnancy is already over. It still feels wierd to think that I am pregnant again. We are so excited and thrilled and can't wait to see Hayden become a big sister. If you ask her where her baby is she will come over and pull up my shirt. ( Mel, seems like I remember you saying Carson did that too) Yesterday was really funny. I was standing on a step and she was down on the ground so she came over and pulled my shirt out and her head was under my shirt and she said " Hi Baby"....so cute! We haven't decided what we are doing about the name yet. We want to keep it a secret but we figured that Hayden would probably give it away, so we will see...We'll let you know when we decide for sure, but as of now, our lips are sealed with any ideas that we may have. We will be finding out the gender again though, if we get lucky and baby cooperates. So much to plan and think about!! So exciting!

I'm wanting to do some things differently this time around, for one, eat better and exercise the entire time. We've been working out for the past several months since we joined the Y and it has been really great. So we want to continue doing that throughout so that I stay healthy and not gain so much weight this time. Yuck!


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