Monday, April 02, 2007

Writers block must be contagious

I second you Rach....I got nothin' interesting. And...I must say that I'm so excited that I actually know that you are referring to Meredith when she says "dark and twisty" :) Whoo hoo!!!

Don't be alarmed, I just don't have anything really to blog about. Lately I've been continuously cleaning out the house. We are trying to decide what to do, whether to move or build or buy the house we live in or move to Alaska...(ok, so we aren't moving to Alaska, but you get my drift.) So, I figure I want this move to actually be a productive one and done right, so I'm cleaning out, sifting through all of our junk. I love getting rid of stuff. So really, there isn't much to blog about except my interesting finds throughout the day and my accomplishing tasks that I do. Like for instance, today I bleached my kitchen sinks...and I'm soooo proud of them. They are SHINING!!! Do a little dance, why don't ya?!?!

(yeah, I can see that you are all as thrilled as I am, which is why I haven't been blogging about my cleaning tasks.)


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