Tuesday, April 24, 2007

(That sounds like the
Italian pronunciation in my head)

Recently we went to Kemah for Bj's brother's band, 24hr. Watch. They were playing for this Christian music weekend with Big Daddy Weave. It was pretty cool and they did really good!!

We went with my brother and his girlfriend Alexis and had a really fun time.

Hayden got to ride her first carnival rides and she was so cute. She kept squealing on the miniature ferris wheel and then on the carousel she wanted to keep going again and again. Very fun!!

The funny thing is that about halfway through the day I realized that Hayden and I were dressed EXACTLY alike...same colors, same everything...lol.
I didn't realize it at home because I was wearing a hooded shirt over my clothes for a while since it was sort of cold.

The Flying Munson's

BJ flying Hands Free
You can barely see, but Hayden has her hands up too :)


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