Friday, March 23, 2007

Thank you, Kenneth

Last night BJ and I were going to go to a movie and dinner. Well by the time we left the house we only had about an hour so we decided we needed to go somewhere close to home. So we tried this little hole in the wall mexican food place near the house. We have heard its really good. So, we walk in and there are like 4 tables of people. The place reeked of smoke and I didn't have very high expectations for the food.

The people in the table next to us had a little boy, probably a little younger than Hayden that flirted with us the entire time. The food came and was very delicious as promised. So we were pleased we had found a new "jewel" in the community.

So, we are waiting for our check and I notice that everyone that came in before us is now leaving all at about the same time. So its taking a while for our check and then I notice this man walking toward our table. I had noticed him and his family earlier in the evening, they were there eating and there were probably 6 of them in the family. So he is walking over to our table with this paper in his hand. I figure, hmm...maybe he's bringing us some sort of flier or a coupon. He gets to us and says "I picked this up for you guys." And before we can even see what it is he puts the paper on our table and walks off. Bj and I are a little stunned, and then we realize the paper IS OUR TICKET?!?!?! We are staring at each other in shock, and our instinct should have allowed for one of us at least to jump and and go outside to thank the guy, but quite frankly we both said thank you in the quietest voices ever heard and the guy was long gone.

We were completely stunned. We asked the waiter if he knew the guy and he said yes, that he was a regular. His name is Kenneth. That's all we know. No last name or anything.

BJ and I were so amazed to have been blessed by another REAL person in the world. Sometimes it seems like life just whizzes past us and times like those just make everything slow down and mean something.

I've heard stories about things like that happening before, but never straight to me right in front of my face. It is amazing to be on the receiving end of someones blessing that is a complete stranger. For whatever reason he felt like doing that for us, we are truly greatful and will return the blessing to someone else one day.

Thank you Kenneth and family. I pray that you are blessed through the roof for the simple act of kindness that you showed to us. There are real people in the world. I do believe it.


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