Tuesday, February 20, 2007

They Call her GENIUS

So today I took Hayden in for her 15month checkup...she's a little overdue but still close. She weighed in at 27lbs. stands 33 3/4 inches tall and then the big question...."so does she say 3-5 words??" I looked at the doctor stunned...I said, " Are you serious...only 3 words would qualify her as normal?!?!" She said yes. I laughed and said she knows well over 50..I have counted them up!!!


They also gave her a shot which she didn't even cry when they did it. Such a big girl. After I sat her up she looked at me and said "Big Girl" with a big smile on her face...what a ham.

They also asked if she responded to small commands, which of course she does as well as give a few of her own.....Which leads me to......

...she has now started telling us to "Go Away" when she is doing something that she knows she is not supposed to. Yesterday she was trying to play with the space heater and I said, "Hayden, no ma'am. You know better, do not touch." and she looks at me, points her finger in another direction and says, "Go away. Go away. Go away, Mommy." I was stunned. It was clear as day. No confusing the words or anything. I freaked. I almost didn't know what to do. My 16 month daughter is already giving ME commands. Sheesh.


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