Friday, February 16, 2007

Salmonella and cancelled plans

Well last night the plan was go to to Maggianos for our post-Valentines day celebration. But our Valentines eve was filled with more sick people and sick people "things". BJ came home from work Wednesday night sick as ever, and continued that way throughout the night. So needless to say I had to cancel our reservation and last night he had beef soup and I had hot dogs. SO on the same scale as Magg's.

The Good news is we THINK we know what is causing all this sickness and have remedied it. Last night we were watching the news right before bed and they had a story on contaminated Peter Pan peanut butter. So I'm watching and the people on there are having the same symptoms as Hayden and BJ. So I keep listening and they say that one of the plants that they manufacture the PB had an outbreak of salmonella and they are recalling certain cases of it. So they give the number, I jump up and check my can, all the while BJ is saying "Lindsay its not going to be ours...stop freaking out" but I continued and lo and behold....WE HAD ONE!!

I freaked!! I couldn't believe it (by the way check your PB if its Peter Pan or the Walmart brand the contaminated number is if the serial number on the top of the lid starts with 2111 ). Hayden had been eating the stuff like crazy recently and BJ as well. I had a couple bites but nothing major.
So hopefully we should all stop getting sick now that we know what in the world is going on.

Today the weather is so is 9:30am and it hasn't even reached 30! Hello!!! We live in Texas not Colorado! Brrrrrr! Stay warm and healthy everyone!


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