Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Boo for Bladder Infections....yesterday I started having serious pains in my stomach that doubled me over with pain...I called my Dr...they said to take advil.....BOOOO.....so BJ took me to a minor emergency center and found out I had a bladder infection.....bummer. At least it wasn't appendix or something worse though, because it felt worse than a bladder infection.

So BJ took the rest of the day off, we rented some movies for the icy weather and his mom made us some roast and chili...yum. Then we came home and watched the Golden Globes and then My Super Ex-Girlfriend. That was a cute movie (but did have some sexual content in it).

Anyway, it is soooooooo cold here....Mel I know you probably think we are sissy's, But we DO live in Texas....we aren't accustomed to cold weather. I don't like this!

Stay warm Texans :)


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