Friday, November 17, 2006

Babies, Bottles, and lost brains

Ok, so I must send out an apology for all you blog readers out there. I blog has been slowly but surely, Ok, so it dropped off the planet as far as content is concerned. Its pretty embarrassing I must say. My posts are mere updates and picture fests and there is hardly any meat to them whatsoever. Blech.

I was reading back over my blog from when I first started it and I must was quite interesting. It was neat to watch the transformation between college student to mother. But I must say my journalism abilities have sadly been lost somewhere in between.

So, my early new years resolution is to search out the things going on in my life and find the deeper more meaningful stuff along the way. Not to say that Hayden's word list is not important by all means. It's just, well....I do really have thoughts going on in this head of mine, I promise.

And in tribute to the new outlook and refreshing of my blog...I give you an old blog that I just recently had published. Go check it out here.


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