Tuesday, August 15, 2006

If you wish to continue subscribing to my blog....please read!!!!

Blogger is doing new things. They are updating to a new version soon which will allow me to limit the number of users who can view this site. The way it will work is that I will enter the e-mail addresses of everyone who wants to be able to read my site and you will be sent an e-mail inviting them to read my blog. If you already have a blogger account, this will be a one-time thing. If you don't have a blogger account, you will be invited to A) create one or B) view as a guest. If you view as a guest, you will only be able to view for 2 weeks and then your invitation will expire. This will make me feel better about posting so many pictures. It is not happening just yet, but will happen soon.

So...if you wish to remain a reader...contact me through my profile...then through my email or my AIM...or for those that talk to me regularly...by that method is just fine :)


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