Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Ny Ny sleepy bird

Sorry not posting for sometime.....seems i have been very busy with all sorts of things. I am in the process of moving my 'real world' job office into my home..so that has taken some tactical planning and rearranging, that of which i am not finished with. It'll be another week or so on that.

I have also taken up gourmet cooking. I love it. I love cooking, but never seem to have the time to sit down and think and plan. So the other night I did just that. I sat down, planned meals (three course ones at that) for the next oh, three weeks or so...made my grocery list, which was 2 pages front and back and required one 2 hour shopping trip and one other quick one. Both of which my precious boo boo ( the nickname we have for Hayden) accompanied me on. Let me tell ya, shopping for things like masa harina and curry paste, which i have never bought or even heard of before, while entertaining a 7 month old child at 7 pm at night is an art. But I pulled it off and have made my first two meals this week. They have been good. I love knowing what we are having each day, knowing I have all of the ingredients, and knowing that it will only take me 20 minutes to make a fab meal for my honey and me :) aHHH.... the joys of the Million Menus cookbook. http://search.barnesandnoble.com/booksearch/isbnInquiry.asp?z=y&isbn=1405456892&itm=1

What else...oh started a 30 day health makeover. Its cute, each day it has an organizational tip, a motivational tip, a total health Fakeover tip, a spa on a budget tip, and so on. Plus it plans your meals out for you. But I am not doing that aspect until July. The recipes call for no red meat, sugar, or dairy....that will be a tough one, but should give some big results too. I'm still working out four times a week. I love it...who knew that playstation games would be so motivating. I got this game called Yourself Fitness and it is an interactive game ( you don't play it, is is just a playstation format or X box if you have one, that allows you to specify things unlike a DVD would). I love it because it is tailored just for my personal goals and the workouts are challenging. Its been good for me to do while I nurse my wounded toes and wait my cross country outdoor exercises. http://www.yourselffitness.com/default.aspx

Anyway, Hayden has been saying ..."ny ny" when she gets tired and wants to take a nap or go to bed at night. It is great...she loves and knows when she is ready to sleep. Makes our life easy not having to wrestle a screaming child to sleep. She just tells us and we put her to bed. So wonderful. I have an angel child!!! She is also still clapping, working on waving, saying "da Da" and crawling and pulling up on everything imaginable! She can also feed herself pick-up foods. I can't believe how big she is getting. I love every stage that she goes through.

Well I am off to work out, read and go "ny ny"... :)

PS... Jeers to Rachel R. giving me an awesome blog to read...like I need another blog to check every day ;) Check out... http://thisfish.ivillage.com/love/ It's great!


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