Monday, May 22, 2006

Just an update

Well my posts have mostly been "Hayden Accomplishments and Milestones" lately, so I thought I'd fill ya in on some other stuff......

This past weekend was my highschool 5 year reunion. It was fun to see mostly everyone again. Its neat to see what they are all up to these days, how they have changed, and how they haven't. Fun stuff. We ate at Macaroni grill...yummy.

Then we kept Colton for deb on Saturday and had lots of fun!! We swam and played with toys and on the swingset. He had a good time and we hope to have him back soon!!! (hint hint) His little sentences are hilarious! It was neat to see how we'd do with two one of these days!!

Then that night Hayden got super sick. She was coughing and so so so congested. We were all up until 4 am with her. Poor thing was so tired, but couldn't get to sleep. So we stayed home from church, due to exhaustion and the fact that we wouldn't be able to leave her in the nursery, and relaxed. We watched "The New World" which was good, but SUPER LONG and BORING! Then just hung out more, did some cleaning and TLC for the babe. She slept much better last night.

Today I was supposed to go in for an ingrown toenail removal...(my second toe in 3 months) but over the weekend it has healed itself, so I'm holding off and saving my money! And glad to not have to go in and have surgery...yikes...i hate hate hate shots!!!

So, anyway, I have to do some work now, so I'll leave it at that....not that interesting but just an update! Pray for Hayden to get totally well quickly!


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