Monday, February 27, 2006

Well this weekend was fun. .Friday we went to Britton's Bon Voyage party to the UK. There were SOOOO MANY PEOPLE THERE!! Poor Hayden went around and around the room till she finally found a cuddly shoulder and conked. Saturday we went out to Olive Garden with some people from our church and had a really nice time...then Sunday night Bj and I went to see The Pink Panther. It was pretty funny, but I still think the old ones are funnier. Peter Sellers is just hilarious.

Anyway, my daughter is unbelievably growing up so fast....she is now rolling freely from front to back and back to front and she scoots toward you doing the army crawl (sort of). I can't believe it. She will be 5 months old next week! Wowee! BJ fed her food for the first time and it was hilarious!!

Take care and enjoy this beauty of a day :)


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