Monday, October 17, 2005

WhataGreatWeekend! :)

Let me just say that I have the best baby on the face of this earth. She is so good. The last two nights she has only woke up ONE TIME for THIRTY MINUTES!!!!!!!!!! I am getting more sleep now than I was before she was born. And she sleeps literally about 21 hrs a day. Its unbelievable. She rarely cries, and all she does is eat, sleep, poop/pee, and momentarily stay awake to take in some of her surroundings. Its really quite nice to have such a laid-back, content baby. WE LOVE HER TO DEATH.

We are having lots of fun with her. This weekend, we went to our church picnic. Of course she slept the whole time, but it was fun to take her out there for everyone to see. Then we took her to church on Sunday for her first Sunday. She looked adorable. I took lots of pics, but they aren't digital, so it will be a few days before I can post them on here. Of course, once again, she slept through church :) Then last night BJ and I and his family went out for Britton's 19th birthday. We left Hayden with my parents and headed to HOuston. We went to this greek restaurant called Niko Niko's...yum. It was really good. And then we went to the Dessert Gallery. I had a super yummy Cheesecake. It was nice to get out but we missed our babe so much.

This weekend we also had our laundry room/masterbath completed. They have been working on it since we moved here five months ago. So it is finally done, so we don't have to go over to bj's parents to wash our clothes anymore!!! BJ went and bought us a washer from Best Buy on Saturday and they hooked the dryer and washer up and it is ready to roll. I am thrilled!!!!! So this week I am getting lots of things done around the house....organizing things, starting Hayden's scrapbook, working my Mary Kay business, etc. I love accomplishing weeks!

Oh and one other thing, we got high-speed internet too!!! What a great weekend.
Oh yes and WAY TO GO ASTROS!!!!!! Tonight is the night!! YOU CAN DO IT!!


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