Saturday, September 17, 2005

She psyched us up and then crushed us down like a ton of bricks

Well we thought maybe the big night was going to be last night....but we are still childless today :) We went to the coffee shop to see Jared sing and Britton's band play and then we all went to see Red Eye afterwards. I really liked the movie and it was pretty intense. I'm surprised that I didn't go into labor from the intensity at the end.

So anyway, on the way home I start having some gut wrenching pressure and pain. Wow, it was pretty major. It wasn't all the way up my stomach though so I was confused as to what was going on. So that lasted a couple of hours...we went and walked outside to see if that would bring on regular contractions or relieve the pain I was having. And that is exactly what it did, it just relieved the pressure. So, after another "labor possibility" we are still here and I'm still loaded :) It does get us excited when it happens though. Bj actually started considering what to throw in the bag for himself....that, people, is an accomplishment. He ALWAYS waits till the last second to pack for anything.

Anyway, it was an exciting night, but nothing fulfilling. Hopefully though the babe has now dropped to the lowest she possibly could pre-labor, and hopefully all the pressure and pains made some progress :) Its still a full moon on Sunday so we'll see. Even still, only 14 more days to go till D-day!!!! :)

Tonight we are having some friends over for dinner that are due 5 days after we are. So we are both in a race to see who delivers first (and it better be me or I think I'll go insane) then we are going to see Just Like Heaven. Should be cute.

Well, must clean house and cook...I'm making my favorite meal to cook...LASAGNA :) yummy....maybe I should mix some Castor Oil in there for both of the preggo mommy's benefit ;) J/K!

Have a happy Saturday!! This is the last week of summer....the 22nd is the official first day of fall. It is a beautiful day today, so enjoy it!


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