Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was so nice. We had a date night and went to this new restaurant called The Grotto. Its italian food, and soooo yummy. We sat on the patio and just enjoyed ourselves. I ordered some pasta with this great salad...the Grotto salad. Yum, the dressing was so delicious. Then they gave us sweet bruscetta (sp?) at the end which was cute and yummy. Then we walked around to a couple of stores and then went over to the mall to get our wedding bands cleaned and then to see Four Brothers.

What a nice evening! Last night bj was funny, he went to play basketball and as he left he instructed me not to panic if I had contractions unless they were 5 min. apart. I thought it was so cute!!! Its getting closer. She is so low, I feel like if I cough she is going to fall out. When I sit my stomach just rests in my lap...haha...it feels so funny.

Last night a friend of mine, Meredith Aleman, had her baby. He was a little early but healthy and so is she. Next its my turn!!!

Tonight is our second to last lamaze class....we have really been enjoying it and it makes the whole process seem so real and close. I can't believe we are almost there.

Well I'm off to do Stay-at-Home mom things :) Happy Tuesday everyone!


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