Wednesday, August 03, 2005

First Lamaze class

Well last night we had our first Lamaze class. It was really neat and made the whole fact that we only have 8 more weeks left, seem really REAL.

We watched a birth video and it was so encouraging. The lady went natural, which is what I want to do, and it seemed very do-able. I am so excited and pumped for the whole birthing experience. I know many people think that I am crazy for wanting to go natural, but I feel that I am mentally and spiritually ready for whatever lays ahead for me and the birth of our child.

We learned that conquering our fear is the key to relaxing and having a positive birth experience and that is one thing that I have done. I am not afraid, just anxious.

So anyway, it was fun to meet all the other couples. Everyone was first time parents, so that was good. We all had lots of questions and none of us felt dumb because we all wanted to know :) Knowledge is power!!!!


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