Monday, June 13, 2005

We have a moving date!!!!!!!!!!

Well the house is just about finished....they have some touching up on the paint to do this week, get the house exterminated, lay the carpet and voila! We are moving on Saturday!!! I am so excited. The house has really taken a face lift. It is amazing how different it looks. Still very rustic, but livable :) So if anyone is interested in helping move we are providing steaks and baked potatos afterward :) YUM YUM!!!

I am now officially 6 months pregnant according to counting by weeks.
24 weeks=6months :) Wow!!! Just a little longer to go and we'll have a little princess on our hands. I am so excited.

I found out this weekend that we are having 2 more showers as well as one more that I already knew about. God is so wonderful to allow us to have such wonderful people in our lives. We are so incredibly blessed. So this week I registered for a few things at Target, because the babies rus is sort of far for our friends in Willis. I love picking out all the cute things for our little daughter. I am so excited about meeting her in just a few short months. Although I've been pregnant now for a while it still amazes me that we are actually having a real baby. I know it sounds silly but its true. It is truly a miracle, the gift of life and the process of life. I am amazed!!

Well, so many things to do today!!! Love you all and talk to you later!


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