Sunday, May 08, 2005

HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY HUBBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Mother's Day to every mother out there!!! What would we do without you ?????????
Today was Bj's 23rd birthday as well as mother's day. We had a nice time this morning laying in bed listening to the rain and talking. We always talk in bed on Sunday's. Its great! Then we went to church and then to lunch. We tried to go to Cracker Barrell, but the wait was 1 hour, and everything else was packed out as well, so we had to resort to Luby's. I like Luby's but not really the place you want to spend your birthday. Oh well. Seems like every year we go to a wierd place for Bj's birthday. One year we went to this podunk place called the Weathervain, in Buffalo. It was halfway so his parents could meet us, and the only thing in sight. It was a memory. Then I took him to Marie Callendar's one year, because we had never been there. Ha ha....sort of an older crowd but funny and memorable. Then we went to Chucky Cheese's the next year, at his request. Still not our age range. So this year of course we had to follow suit and go to Luby's. Next year I think I will just take him to a nursing home cafeteria. Seems like that is the direction we are heading.
Tonight we went to our second to last lifegroup ever. It is getting very sad. I hate to think that our whole life is about to be uprooted and changed. Its very wierd to think that every aspect in our life is about to change. It will be good, just wierd. We will miss the memories we leave behind here and the friendships that have become so dear to our hearts.
Tomorrow I have my second to last final ever!! I can't believe it is 5 days until graduation. That is so cool. It hasn't really sunk in yet, and I don't know that it will for a while. But needless to say I am very excited as is BJ.
I am off to study! Night night


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