Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Top of the Hill day!!!!!

Wow what a week I have had. Seems like it just went into fast forward all of the sudden. It had been dragging by, waiting and waiting for the weeks to end and then just have graduation. Well this week was a busy one. But now this was my "top-of-the-hill" day...meaning I had to make it through today and then smoothe sailing.

So I turned in my assignment this morning, did my recruiter interview and now i"m done for the week besides a paper due tomorrow, no big deal. Yesterday I finally got our grad invites together and printed, now I just have to mail them. And I bought the stuff for our celebration party. So, I had a very productive day all in all.

Tonight we are having dinner with some friends so that will be fun and relaxing. Then tomorrow I am going home for my doctor's appointment and spending time with family and friends.

Bj's brother is playing in the state tennis tournament this weekend up here so I won't get to see him, but Good luck BIL!!!

Well I'm off to rest before work! See you all soon :)


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