Monday, April 18, 2005

nothing major to report

Today was the lady bears celebration parade. It was pretty cool. i was at the front of the parade handing out basketballs to the girls to throw to the fans in the parade. I got some close up pics of them and of the bear mascot "Lady". BJ came and met me after work and we watched the parade, eat free sausage hot dogs and dr pepper and enjoyed the pre-rainey weather. It was fun that he got to come out there. So it wasn't like I was working.

Today was the 6th day in a row that I have felt the baby move. It is so cool. It is moving more and more now that it is growing and I can actually feel it. I can't wait to meet it. The suspense is killing me!!!!

This weekend was fun! We washed the cars together and got some sun on our white bodies and we rented Ocean's 12 and Vanity Fair.

This is my second to last full week of school EVER!!!!!!! Next week is the last week of school then all I have is finals standing in between me and my diplom. We did get our cap and gown's this weekend too...I think I mentioned hopefully that didn't jinx us or something :)

Well, that is all that I have to report. I have a dr's appointment this week on Friday and I'm hoping, just hoping they will have to do an ultrasound for some reason and be able to determine the sex of the baby!!!! We'll keep our fingers crossed.

Have a great week!!!


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