Friday, April 22, 2005

17 week appointment

I am so having a good day :) I had my appointment..everything was looking great. Baby was moving around like crazy and they could barely find the heart beat. But they finally did and it was in the 140's. She said it is normal for the heartbeat to go down as the pregnancy continues. She said we had trouble on our hands with such an active baby. I was so excited to know that everything was still going swimmingly :) I only gained 2 lbs also :) BIG YEAH THERE!!! I go back in 4 weeks, and BJ finally gets to go too!! AND we get our ultrasound that week too. I can't wait to know what the little babe is!

Then I came back home and found out that I made an 81 on my huge test that I had a few weeks ago and was so bummed out to think I had done terrible. That is such a relief because that was the one class I was so concerned about and now....whahoo....I will be graduating with no problem...maybe I'll even make the dean's list. :)

Well off to enjoy the rest of my wonderful day!!!


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